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Our Belief “Limits Will Not Define Me, My WILL Defines My Limits” . . . WE Believe- any child regardless of medical, emotional or physical issue can empower themselves to achieve their dreams. When does a childhood diagnosis become a “label” that turns into a stigma, and later an emotional scar- in turn it becomes an […]

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“No Kidding They Told Me That Too!”  is something we hear kids telling one another at every Bounce Out the Stigma event. Kids are given limitations based on what others believe they should be able to do, and many times these kids are never asked to try harder or do more. Too often, they receive “the label“- autistic, attention deficit, epileptic, […]

Our Founder


Mike Simmel is no stranger to childhood adversity, diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of two he was placed in Special Ed Gym class because he could not hop, skip, or jump. He understands firsthand the stigma that comes with childhood medical issues. Detailed in his book Mighty Mike Bounces Back,   he turned  the jeers […]

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