WELCOME to the Bounce Out the Stigma Project®, founded in 2005. . .
Our Project is Special, Our Kids Are Unique, & the Wonderful Thing About Both. . . Everything.


Stigma is NOT a Physical Limitation, Nor an Illness. It is a ‘LABEL’ Applied BY OTHERS, Based on THEIR Perception, That Says ‘YOU Can’t.’

Autistic, ADD, ADHD, Epileptic, No Attention, Daydreamer, Slow, Spazz, Dummy” and many times even WORSE. . . Too many kids are given these cruel “labels” before they learn to read. These are “hurtful terms” with sometimes tragic outcomes. Many children, young adults, and their parents are confronted with these issues daily. What often accompanies these “terms” is peer bullying and restriction from activities!  Kids are targeted and again branded by many as having limited capacities in motor skills, emotional comprehension, and too often, intelligence to participate or interact within “normal” activities. This removes this group from normal confidence building accomplishments. Unfortunately, the spectrums are being expanded by non-vested groups to further attach a label to young kids. With one broad stroke, a child cannot play in a community rec program or school events. This forces more kids and parents to fill ostracized from mainstream recreation programs. Kids are separated from peers, peers view the kids differently and parents try to cope.  In many cases, kids are placed on prescribed medications that may further hamper motor and learning development. This “roller coaster of community diagnosis” further limiting children and telling kids, “You cannot do that, so don’t even try”.

The Bounce Out the Stigma® Project seeks to empower those kids and young adults  with special needs who find themselves the VICTIMS of these labels. Children with special needs are confronted with more than enough challenges in life without facing the battle of having perceived limitations. Far too often, these kids hear, ‘You Can’t’,  BEFORE they have even tried!  Stigma is a perceived limitation placed in the path of potential success . . . the by-product for children results in shame, fear, isolation, and distrust. 

The Bounce Out the Stigma Project’s Primary Goal is Empowerment,” Limits Will Not Define You, Your WILL Defines Your Limits.” ™

Many of the kids entering our Programs have never been given fair opportunities to truly experience basketball fun or have a group of peers supporting cheering their physical achievements. Bounce Out the Stigma uses basketball and our unique motor skill development exercises to instill self-confidence, provide unique peer support and instill a real sense of achievement. We want kids to demonstrate to themselves that YES, THEY CAN!

Our Core Values

Bounce Out the Stigma® Seeks to
Increase Public Awareness &
Empower Challenged Youth & Their Parents
  • Our Belief,  “Limits Will Not Define You, Your WILL Defines Your Limits” . . . WE Believe- any child regardless of medical, emotional or physical issue can empower themselves to achieve their dreams. When does a childhood diagnosis become a “label” that turns into a stigma, and later an emotional scar- in turn […] Learn More→
  • Our Programs,  “No Kidding They Told Me That Too!”  is something we hear kids telling one another at every Bounce Out the Stigma event. Kids are given limitations based on what others believe they should be able to do, and many times these kids are never asked to try harder or do more. Too often, they receive “the label“- autistic, attention deficit, epileptic, […] Learn More→
  • Our Genesis,  What happens when a boy is asked to leave a basketball camp because he had a seizure and his parents fight to have him stay?  Mike Simmel is no stranger to childhood adversity, diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 2 he was placed in Special Ed Gym classes because he could not hop, skip, or jump. He understands firsthand the stigma  […] Learn More→

Our Genesis, “a Boy’s Stigma and a Parent’s Anger”

Our Meaning & Results

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