Bounce Out the Stigma® Basketball Programs Overview

Through our numerous basketball agendas and speaking events, we create opportunities for those dealing with these disorders. At the same time, tolerance and awareness become a unique message for all others. The Program promotes healthy living and empowers its participants to shed labels that far too often are attached to them via the perception of others. “Your Will Defines Your Limits” is stressed at all events.

At Bounce Out the Stigma, no child is ever made to feel different. With its specialized and unique basketball curriculum, every event is constructed to give those with developmental issues a chance to “simply be a kid without a label”. They play among their peers for enjoyment. A day or week of basketball fun is the agenda to enhance motor skill development, self-confidence, and internal fulfillment with both child and parent.

Our Program creates opportunities for children and young adults with special needs, while also raising awareness about stigmas, bullying, and acceptance to all people and ages. The Project’s goal is to see every man; woman and child with a special need lead a successful and empowered life with a strong sense of self-worth.

Our Programs and Events That Make a Difference