Bounce Out the Stigma Basketball® Programs, an Overview

“No Kidding They Told Me That Too!”  is something we hear kids telling one another at every Bounce Out the Stigma event. Kids are given limitations based on what others believe they should be able to do, and many times these kids are never asked to try harder or do more. Too often, they receive “the label“- autistic, attention deficit, epileptic, hyperactive, slow and even disabled. Too often, it is that “label” that creates a deep emotional scar and a childhood of “sitting on the sidelines” watching others have fun. It may be called stigma, we call it unfair and seriously wrong. The Bounce Out the Stigma Program asks why we create the “No Kidding I CAN TOO” attitude with kids.  When met with a challenge, peer support and nurturing adults, kids achieve more, empower themselves, and discover. . .“ my will can define my limits”.


Special Kids with Unique Needs

Attention Deficit Disorder ADD /ADHD
Bullying Events that Create Peer Mistrust
Slow Motor Skills
Athletic Anxieties
Social Unease
Juvenile Diabetes
Learning Disabilities
Self Esteem Issues
Adjustment and Emotional Difficulties

Bounce Out the Stigma Kids Take the Shots

Bounce Out the Stigma Programs for Kids, Teens, Schools, & Civic Organizations


  • Summer Camps and School Year Clinics Summer basketball day camps and school year after school or weekend basketball clinics are offered throughout the US. Our programs are basketball in nature to develop self-confidence, motor skill development and empowering people to believe in themselves. . . Learn More →
  • School Assembly Programs School days are never boring when Mighty Mike Simmel comes to talk and perform at your school.  You will learn how Mighty Mike Bounces Back and see and hear the real story in person.  Mike will astonish with basketball tricks and motivate the children to believe in themselves and set high goals despite any obstacles in their way. . .  Learn more→ 
  • Motivational Presentations Mighty Mike, a fan favorite with kids and adults alike, will create a special atmosphere for you. Mike’s basketball wizardry, audience interaction, and the poignant story provides fun and excitement.  It is truly where substance and style come together to form something special.  You will leave wanting more and being moved at the same time. . .Learn more→


Bounce Out The Stigma Baketball Events

“I would highly recommend participating in the Mighty Mike Bounce Out the Stigma Progam to any parent with a child needed a boost in self esteem and a reminder that overcoming challenges should never be a long shot.” – Ryan’s Mom Age 13

“We go to every event and every camp and we have since the beginning. I would love to see more events and even expand beyond this area.We know what it has done for our son, we want the same for other kids” -Will’s Dad Age 17

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