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Basketball FUN’draiser Bring a Special Day or Night to Your School, Organization, or Community

PTO’s, School Administrators, Teachers and Community Groups Can Truly Benefit with Our Unique Basketball Fundraiser

Our Message EMPOWERING Youth to BELIEVE in Themselves & the ACCEPTANCE Those Faced With Challenges

Imagine a speaker delivering a message so powerful and so compelling that in an hour or two he has almost magically transformed the lives of an audience forever.

Imagine an individual who has committed his life to breaking down barriers of fear by captivating audiences with his dynamic story and truly heartfelt insights. Imagine a speech combined with an athletic performance that is guaranteed to thrill everyone.

Imagine being inspired to take action by a speaker long after his presentation. More than an assembly program, a real lesson in overcoming obstacles and working to achieve your goals.

If your school is seeking to motivate and engage your student body or local community incorporated into a fund  raiser Mike Simmel will do exactly that. Many communities have booked Mike for a full day going from 3 to 4 schools to promote his message. But a single assembly program or family night will not only motivate your school community, it will teach very valuable life lessons in overcoming life’s obstacles and dealing with peer pressures.  With an exciting display of ball handling, wizardry and fun, Mike Simmel amazes the crowd with his basketball magic but also speaks to groups of all ages about empowerment and an anti-bullying message. Our fundraiser program will condense an interactive basketball show with the themes of goal setting, anti-bullying, confidence building, healthy living and disability awareness. We will incorporate an event of  fun and excitement into this fund raiser in your school or community.\

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We have had schools, PTO’s, Scouts, community groups even concerned individuals work with the Bounce Out the Stigma Program and bring us to their school and community. Many fund this program by seeking a local sponsor (with whom we can work with) or make it part of a Fund raiser to underwrite the costs.

Please contact us to discuss bringing Bounce Out the Stigma to your school or community.

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