Here’s the Ball. . .Make an Assist or Take the Shot, on Ways You Can Support Our Mission


Share Our Vision of Providing a Wholesome, Fun, & Traditional Basketball Experience for Special Needs Youth (co-ed ages 7-21) and their Families.

Bounce Out the Stigma would like to invite you to unite with us and assist in providing resources and events vital to families raising children with special needs. Our mission to empower and teach could not be done without support. Now, due to parents, schools, and community wishes, we seek to expand. The need for sponsorships becomes greater.

Sponsors and Supporters share our vision of providing a wholesome, fun, and traditional basketball experience for Special Needs Youth. Trying to take a kid with special needs and make them feel truly special without peer mistrust and full inclusion is a vital undertaking in today’s world.

We hope you will consider investing in the lives of children with special medical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional needs.  If you have any questions about our sponsorship opportunities, please call Bounce Out the Stigma’s office at 855.997.3900


Sponsorship & Partner Programs

Bounce Out the Stigma is actively seeking individual and corporate sponsors with their corporate social responsibilities to join our cause to assist in our Core Mission. Your sponsorship should not be considered a form of charity. It is a way to associate your company, organization or brand to a unique and fulfilling cause. Your oranization can benefit by reaching a special demographic audience and supporters. . . Gain Recongition Through  Our Exposure.

Bounce Out the Stigma has received outstanding coverage on our Program and Events.

Aclaimed with many fantastic reviews and awards as the most outstanding Special Needs, Inclusion Program for Basketball in the Country.

Why not associate your brand with Our Mission?


MVP Program


Become a True Partner to Our Program

Your sponsorship allows us to serve over 400 kids in summer camps and 600 kids in school year clinics that engages their imagination and empowers their belief system. Our school assembly performances during the school year reach an untold number of students, parents and educators. Your business will be recognized throughout the entire year, and you can choose to bundle your support to maximize your impact and exposure! Your brand will be tied to a grassroots movement which combines a impact empowerment to kids and families.

We would love to discuss with you and tailor a resource program to fit your needs and budget.


Starting Lineup


Become the Title Sponsor for an Event in Your Local Area or Field of Endeavor

Co-brand with Bounce Out the Stigma, an event to show you work to empower youth. An event sponsorship is a creative way for your company or organization to give back and support an event with your name as the title sponsor. It’s a great way of funding an event that aligns with your organization’s values and provides an excellent opportunity to market your Brand to new and relevant audiences. You can help by underwriting certain applicable costs to the event.

Contact us to learn more about this type of sponsorship for an event – Camp, Clinic, School Assembly. 


Game Ready


Provide an Exchange of Product or Services

We are seeking sponsorships for co-branding of our apparel, awards, sports equipment, and snacks provided at our events. With this sponsorship, you will donate a much-needed product to Bounce Out the Stigma. If your organization or business would like to PARTNER with us and provide an exceptional product, we are eager to discuss how we can create this dual branding for in-kind goods and services. Your Brand can become the Official { your in-kind product/service } Sponsor of Bounce Out the Stigma.

Become the Official { your in-kind product/service } Sponsor of Bounce Out the Stigma. 


Cheering Section


Time to Step and Cheer, You Decide How and Where Your Donation Will Be Utilized

Join our booster club by donating funds for a specific purpose. Decide or work with us to determine how we can apply your donation to a camp scholarship, specific event expenses, or even donate funds to hire the camp nurse for our camps. The possibilities for your contribution being put to work are endless, and we are willing to help you decide where your money WILL BE utilized. You may do it anonymously or gain a few cheers from the fans and team. All booster club donations are genuinely sought. How does this differ from a simple donation? Simple, you can choose how your donation will be applied.


Contact us today to join our booster club.

Your Brand is Special, So is Our Program. Let’s Do Good Things Together