Our Mission,
Empowering Challenged Youth to Believe They Can, and Erasing the ‘Stigma’ from Those Who Believe They Can’t.

 A Diagnosis is Provided, Labels are Given, and Perceptions Arise. . . You Can Bet, Limitations Will Follow.

and many times a stigma attaches itself limiting or hampering a child’s development. Self-confidence may be shattered, potential peer mistrust, and many times self-isolation occurs. Prescribed medications for neurological conditions many times hamper motor skill development and emotional skill sets. The Bounce Out the Stigma mission seeks to empower those children and young adults instilling self-confidence, improving motor skill development and removing peer mistrust using basketball and our unique story as a catalyst. Parents are not immune to the labels or their own feelings that result. A child may not be invited to a friends sleepover or party for fear they may have a seizure, parents feel an array of emotions including anger at others and sadness for their child. School systems set a SPECIAL SET of RULES for children on the autism spectrum. Our society is setting limits on these children, we seek to break that cycle.

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“Limits Will Not Define Me, My WILL Defines MY Limits” . . . WE BELIEVE,  ANY child regardless of medical, emotional or physical issue can empower themselves to work towards their dreams. WE BELIEVE, ALL children and young adults be granted the opportunity to pursue their dreams without the restrictions or limitations imposed by others. WE BELIEVE, ALL others should see the potential in a child and not perceived limitations!

When does a childhood diagnosis become a “label” that turns into a stigma, and later an emotional scar- in turn, it becomes an excuse not to try?  The first day a child hears the words, ” no, because you can’t “!

No kidding Me Too” is something we hear kids telling one another at every Bounce Out the Stigma event. Kids are given limitations based on what others believe they should be able to do, and many times these kids are never asked to try harder or do more. Too often, they receive “the label“- autistic, attention deficit, epileptic, hyperactive, slow and even disabled. Too often, it is that “label” that creates an deep emotional scar and a childhood of “sitting on the sidelines” watching others have fun. It may be called stigma, we call it unfair and seriously wrong. The Bounce Out the Stigma Program asks why we create the “No Kidding I CAN TOO” attitude with kids.  When met with challenge, peer support and nurturing adults, kids achieve more, empower themselves, and discover. . .“ my will can define my limits”.

Our founder understands first hand what stigma does to a kid and what can be accomplished through belief and support. In fact his book  “Mighty Mike Bounces Back”  talks about stigma, being bullied, feeling different. It is why the program exists. Bounces Out the Stigma is founded on a unique principal, Empower kids and watch the great things they will accomplish.


The goal of The Bounce Out the Stigma Project ™ is to inspire and educate young people with special needs, through the creation and supporting of signature programs promoting healthy lifestyle choices.  To make every child we come in contact with feel special regardless of  “labels assigned to them. To remove the scars of stigma children feel because they are made to feel different. Through our programs the Project looks to create opportunities and a sense of awareness of disabilities in the community. Our aim is to see children affected grow up successfully and become empowered leaders of tomorrow.

The Bounce Out the Stigma Project™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is incorporated in the State of New Jersey. Please contact us for more information.


Empowering every young person whom we come in contact with to DREAM, PURSUE & CHALLENGE  themselves and others around them on what they can do. We seek a community where kids do not grow up stigmatized by the labels received somewhere in their early life.  We seek to cure the disease of the status quo and the acceptance that kids are classified too early in their young lives and are denied the freedom to find their strengths.


We seek people, organizations and companies who wish to join us on this journey. How you can help in our Mission →

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