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The Bounce Out the Stigma Project is a grassroots organization and needs all the help we can get. You can volunteer to assist us at our camps and clinics, you can make a donation by supporting our efforts and event expenses. A real need we have is for local advocates to discuss our Program with your school, civic organizations, or other community events and they help us bring a camp, clinic or fund raiser to your community.

How You Can Help

Bounce Out the Stigma Seeks to Increase Public Awareness &
Empower Challenged Youth & Their Parents

  • Volunteer Your Time,  Giving the gift of your time will change 2 lives. Once you experience our events and seeing how you can have an immediate impact, will change your life and the kids you encounter […] Learn More→
  • Make a Donation,  Being  a grassroots organization, we can use all the help we can get. Every dollar you donate goes into a specific project and you will be notified of what that project is. We will never use a single donate dollar for administrative fees or salaries[…] Learn More→
  • Host a Bounce Out the Stigma FUN’d Raiser,  Let’ combine having a fund raiser and having a real fun time event. We call it a Bounce Out the Stigma “FUN’D Raiser! It can be done as a class, community or foundation project. From family fun nights to town performances we are open to any idea you and your team can come up with […] Learn More→
  • Sponsorships, We truly would like to talk with corporations, local businesses and foundations to specifically sponsor a project or portions of our camps and clinics (gym time, equipment, even a camp nurse). These sponsorships are needed to expand our community outreach.. We also need local sponsors/underwriters for our school assembly programs in your community[…] Learn More →

It’s About Having Fun

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