Bounce Out the Stigma Summer Basketball Camps are a big hit, but during the school year we offer the following programs.

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 Special Needs Basketball Clinics with Mighty Mike Simmel

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During the school year where do your Special Needs Kids  go to challenge themselves? Bounce Out the Stigma Basketball Autism   |   ADD   |   ADHD   |    Epilepsy   |   Seizure   |   Neurological Disorders   |   Slow Motor Skill Development Special Needs children and have the same desire as other kids. They want to play basketball, have fun and not feel the burden of peer pressure. Our nationally successful Bounce Out the Stigma Project offers a unique outlet for kids. We are also looking to partner with communities, organizations and foundations in areas of the country and provide our experience to your children. New York, Dallas, Boston and other metropolitan areas have discovered our unique special needs basketball program. –Read More →

 Mighty Mike Simmel Basketball School Assembly Programs

More than an assembly program, a real lesson in overcoming obstacles and working to achieve your goals. If your school is seeking to motivate and engage your student body, Mike Simmel will do exactly that! Many communities have booked Mike for a full day goingfrom 3 to 4 schools to promote his message. But a single assembly program can not only motivate your school community, it will teach very valuable life lessons in respect and overcoming life’s obstacles. Read More→

Mighty Mike Simmel Bounce Out the Stigma, Organizations and Corporate Speaking and Performances

Mike Simmel Bounce Out the Stigma Events

Mighty Mike offers a variety of programs and events for both kids and adults designed to entertain, educate, and motivate with an emphasis on FUN!  From microphone to court your time with Mike Simmel will energize motivate and inspire. His message is on point  Limits Do Not Define You, You Define Your Limits. In addition, Mike Simmel is  available for various types of business opportunities that can include, but are not limited to; motivational keynote speaking engagements, personal appearances and possible endorsements of products. Please contact MMB Basketball  for any appearance opportunities and Mike will be in touch with you immediately. Read More→

Basketball FUN’draiser

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Bring a Special Day or Night to Your School, Organization, or Community, Help us raise funds or allow us to help your group raise funds for a cauze.   Read More →

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